Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eve Ensler - Men Raise Hope For One Billion Rising Movement - The Times Of India

READ MORE MSU's Fine Arts Department, it was before the actual eyesight of placard holding upset young men close to them, which will spelled a cure for that future, on V-day, here.

The special occasion was V pertaining to Violence-Free-day, getting famous on the V-for-Valentines' Day, factored in international 'One Billion Rising' Movement, started by well-known feminist Eve Ensler , the actual author associated with 'Vagina Monologues', who bought the email to 1 million men and women to surge about this day, in relation to 12 months ago.

Vadodara replied enthusiastically, by simply attracting nearly 700 aged plus young, men and women to create a human chain which has a meaning 'No extra Violence' secured for their foreheads. The paper prints and banners brought bold announcements as well as figures to waste the particular girls beaters as well as oppressors, nevertheless much more encouragingly, it had been the full shortage involving self-consciousness as well as wary expressions that gladden the actual hearts connected with activists like Trupti Shah connected with Sahiyar, that had been one of many organizers. "Many much more will certainly enroll in your activity inside the days and nights that will come," your woman said.

Later, the particular crowd changed to some location shoe store where flash mob activities taken for the principles for this spectators. They furthermore sang Vadodara's personal OBR song, 'Hai sau crore ka kehna, hinsa ko ab nahin sehna. Gujarat bhi bole, Baroda bhi bole.'

Incidentally, since morning, several agencies plus individuals, which includes a couple of factory workers, are also signing pledges that will commit themselves to quit violence against women.

On February 12, the activists had sorted some sort of fest to supply a cultural time period to be able to that OBR movement. The movement provides assumed significance ever since UN expected a glum physique that one of all the next girls about this planet people violence. The declaration moved Eve Ensler to allow a worldwide cost OBR movement.

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