Friday, February 22, 2013

Silver Linings - It's A Whole Lot Of Nothing - Oscar Voter On Argo

Moviefone Presents.

This year's winners!

Most Extreme Role Adjustment

WINNER: Kristen Stewart, "Breaking Dawn, Part 2" And "On The Road" The impressive variance these jobs is not understated. Stewart attended from participating in the particular sweet, naive Bella (hesitant to help kiss) that will enjoying the particular sexually edgy Marylou (multiple lovemaking partners) actually a new cinematic step for the young actress.

Best Singing by way of Men (Ensemble)

WINNER: "The Hobbit" Dwarves You'd assume "Les Miserables" might win this kind of award, however nope! The short-stature guys from "The Hobbit" harmonized perfectly, and in addition they have this sort of fantastic tresses braids. Can't overlook those. Honorable Mention: The Treble Makers from "Pitch Perfect"

Most Creative Use with Dairy Products

WINNER: Charlize Theron, "Snow White And The Huntsman" We need ideas of regarding you, but if we wash in milk, we all never appearance this particular good.

Most Appealing Skintight Ensemble

WINNER: Scarlett Johansson, "The Avengers" The competitors is often a bit trim this particular year, however had been there ever any skepticism which would win this after observing ScarJo as Black Widow? Honorable Mentions: Anne Hathaway with "The Dark Knight Rises" and Jennifer Lawrence around "The Hunger Games"

Movie Most Likely To Become Nostalgia

WINNER: "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" It may well not retained a large market after their (fairly limited) release, nevertheless significant reaction features been recently mainly favorable. Watching the following flick because someone through 25 triggers thoughts of inadequacy long dormant behavior in which upcoming teens along with youthful individuals will certainly understand eagerly.

The Hi/Low Award

WINNER: Jennifer Lawrence, " Silver Linings Playbook" And "The House At The End Of The Street" It's a great unenviable position: receiving multiple give nominations first movie, then staying absolutely panned regarding another. Somehow, Jennifer Lawrence copes with to be able to make the most regarding it.

Most Against-Type Performance

WINNER: Jack Black, "Bernie" The guy can easily sing, that guy can be serious, the guy can be funny, and hell, with his own way, this individual might dance. Jack Black's efficiency in "Bernie" is definitely nothing quick of remarkable; those people that despise your ex boyfriend may possibly desire to give this kind of some sort of observe it's going to change a person's opinion.

Most around Need connected with your Hit around 2013

WINNER: Taylor Kitsch, "John Carter," "Battleship," "Savages" A unusual task in the actor world, Kitsch had several stinkers on the common box office continue year. This is a new actual shame, given that he is a fine actor. We assume this oftentimes the vehicle really does matter.

Most Jaw-Dropping Effects

WINNER (tie): "Prometheus," "Life Of Pi" The just method for you to win this particular give could be to create teeth literally drop with special effects. Both regarding these kinds of movie channels managed that with ease. It was difficult that will take in air over the ship initial sequence within "Prometheus" and also the jellyfish landscape within "Life connected with Pi." Equally stunning.

Most Deliberate Use with On-Screen Nudity

WINNER: Quentin Tarantino, "Django Unchained" (Jamie Foxx) We will not wish to show everything in case you haven't much found the motion picture yet, but Tarantino gets incredibly original which has a particular video camera angle when Django (Jamie Foxx) is hanging upside-down by his ankles. Let's just simply state most of us find everything.

Best Performances simply by Nostrils in a very Feature-Length Film Most Bad-Ass Movie Vehicle Best Aging Action Hero Movie That Most Blew Away Audience Expectations Most Feel-Good Movie from the Year Most Ridiculous Waste Of Makeup Most Confusing Opening Sequence Worst Use of a Literary Figure Sexiest Ab Shot Biggest Disappointment Worst Use associated with some sort of Floppy Hat Best Chest Hair Exposure Angriest Performance

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